The new forms of sketching

5th -29 April 2018 – Galerie ArchiLib, 49 bd de la Villette 75010 Paris

The sketch is the origin of all architectural projects. Auctions held annually to benefit the Emergency Architects Foundation, confirm public interest in such drawings, where each exhibit reveals the genesis behind each project and the author’s intuition.

The practice of Atelier Herbez Architects has reflected upon the importance of sketching in architecture, proposing an original exhibition that seeks to fuse art, imagination and technology. Showcasing more than 50 selected drawings from their practice, AHA will display various forms of sketches: hand sketches, digital sketches and sketches made by the eye. This exhibition hopes to evoke the ‘imaginary’ embodied within the sketch, exploring the realm between traditional methods and innovative technologies.


Croquis à la main

Croquis réalisé par le regard

Croquis numérique