Check out our video : a urban, architectural and programatic response for the development of Saint-Germain-en-Laye’s hospital district, et for which we have been designated laureate last 11 of July, in collaboration with Bechu + Associés, Laure Planchais, Ogic, Marignan, Orpea and Sodes.


A competition that has, for over a year, allowed us to work with passion on the creation of a new place to live for all of the city’s generations, who will find there “the spirit Saint-Germain” that they already know.

We took the foodprint of pedestrian streets of Saint-Germain, and we transposed it on the district to respect the fabric, the scale, the town’s DNA, and reveal its patrimony.

As a result, we obtain this 100% pedestrian area, that organizes itself in squares. The new streets favour loops and meetings thru a nature in the city from now on very present.