Category: Office Building
Location: Bagneux, France
Client: Bouygues Immobilier
Area: 22 145 m2
Status: 2014 Competition – Project not selected
Cost: 38 500 000 €


This project is a 22 000 m2 office building which sits on an existing site of tertiary activities, in a district located along the RN20 raod in the Integrated Development Zone (ZAC), and entirely being transformed.


To build an office building, a public plaza and an underground parking garage on top of an occupied site.


We first thought of making this building in several steps in order to preserve the activity while the constructions were underway.  Thus, two independant L-shaped volumes overlap to create a single building around a vegetated central atrium.  The large glass façades around it  establish a visual link between the different office floors.  The architectural concept starts with the desire to create a cloud, a protective and semi-transparent envelop revaling empty and full volumes, which happen to be loggias, terraces and offices.

Another predominant idea is to create a link beteen the RN20 road and the public plaza.  A pedestrian walkway, bordered by a series of shops at ground floor, crosses the office building, thus tying together the road and the plaza.