Category : 190 Housing Units
Location : Bagneux (92)
Client : Bouygues Immobilier
Area : 11 800 m2
Status : Project
Certifications : RT 2012 H&E Profil A
Architects : AHA Atelier Herbez Architectes – Fresh Architectures



This project, located on a site formerly operated by SANOFI, is part of a holistic program for the rejuvenation of the area. The program includes a residential building of 190 units, refurbishing of office spaces, and a student house designed by COBE architects.


The ambition of the project lay in creating an identity for the Bagneux district, given the site’s central location within the city. In doing so, it was our priority to mediate and create a link between two adjacent urban fabrics: single family dwellings to the north, and collective housing to the south.


The architecture of the building is contemporary and adapts to its environment. Volumes are shaped to enable spacious outdoor areas, enhancing the quality of each apartment. Openings have been designed to bring as much natural light into each apartment with consideration to energy savings, providing improved wellbeing for residents. High quality materials have been utilised extensively to ensure the building remains durable and efficient (eg. brick + concrete external walls).
The skin of the building is broken up by a collage of materials, creating various heights and adding depth to the facade. Further dimensional articulation of the volume helps form a skyline that echoes the city, simultaneously reinforces the quality of life within the various courtyard spaces, and provides more natural light.