Category: 44 Housing Units
Location: Bièvres, France
Client: Groupe Arcade
Area: 2 620 m2
Status: 2016 Competition – Project not selected
Cost: 3 865 000 €


This project is located in the center of Bièvres, a city in the Southern Parisian suburbs. The neighborhood is very green (close to the Sygrie stream and the Parc Ratel) and the site is near schools and sports equipment.


In this environment, our first objective is the inhabitants’ comfort. Two ideas have led our thoughts:

– Sharing, with the creation of collective areas (open streets, collective garden and educational vegetable garden)
– Quality: every building is either facing South or facing North and South.



We wanted to offer a faire and sustainable design, not only in terms of arrangement but also materials used (burnt wood, traditional mineral coating, woodwork). In terms of architecture, we treated equally social housing units and private housing units.

The semi-collective buildings are 2-stories high with an attic and are organized around open cores, protected by wood claustras. They borrow the nearby traditional pavilions’ gable design and alternate between these gables and vegetated terrace roofs in order to create a green street in the heart of the area.

The overlaying and adjoining houses stay true to this design while resembling longhouses. This design offers a divided and hollowed volume in order to create an open building and large private exterior spaces.