Category: 30 Housing Units
Location: Boissy-St-Leger, France
Client: Akerys Promotion
Area: 1 774 m2
Status: Project
Cost: 2 400 000 €


This project is located in an urban area along the Rue deParis, one of the major streets of the city. It connects the trainstation to the townhall.


To fit into this urban area while promoting a contemporaneous architectural style.


On the Rue de Paris, the goal was to create an urban façade: integrated and suitable but with a contemporaneous style. A set of attics, boxes and balconies are added to a simple cube shape to create a dynamic volume. The materials used highlight the contrast between the full and empty spaces of the building (grey lasured concrete base and attic, thin metallic mesh railing, grey anthracite carpentry).

Arranging empty spaces was one of the major challenges of this project. On the one hand, the area between the two buildings is landscaped in order to make a friendly and neighborly space. On the other hand, green spaces are built along the Rue de Paris in order to create a protective and vegetated screen for the ground level dwellings.