Fourqueux Monteynard

Category: 10 Housing units
Location: Fourqueux, France
Client: Logement Français
Area: 695 m2
Status: Built in 2014
Cost: 1 231 000 €



The Monteynard villa, a relic of the Château de Fourqueux demolished in the 19th century, is one of the remarkable constructions of the town.  The renovation of this building highlights the cultural and historical identity of the city while offering an alternative to spreading constructions across the town.


To convert an abandoned historical monument into social dwellings in order to satisfy the town’s need for housing.


The goal is to renovate the building in order for it to reclaim its original architectural style.  The building’s façades have been preserved and renovated in a way that respects their initial aspect and geometry.  In this respect, the materials and colors used are similar to the original ones.  Even though the structure and the walls of the building have been preserved, the floors and partitionning have been entirely demolished.  This heavy renovation meets the Patrimoine et Environnement label requirements.

Agence HERBEZ. Logement de FOURQUEUX

Agence HERBEZ. Logement de FOURQUEUX


Agence HERBEZ. Logement de FOURQUEUX