Paul Claudel d’Hulst

Category: Middle and High School
Location: Paris, France
Client: O.G.E.C Paul Claudel d’Hulst
Status: Renovations Campaign since 2006



This private high school is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, a preserved area of the city, 500 meters from the Hôtel Matignon. It is made of two different buildings: a Hôtel Particulier of the 17th century that is regularly renovated and a contemporaneous building that was built in 2016.


Throughout the different renovation campaigns, our priority has always been to preserve and highlight the building’s set of furniture.  Thus, we deeply focused our attention on the fireplaces, the woodwork and the 18th century espagnolettes.  However, we also modernized the building with innovative materials such as LEDs, solvent-free paint, and natural wood flooring.


This project mixes renovation, rehabilitation and contemporary intervention on all the renovate spaces: the pastorale, the education counselor’s office and the teacher’s lounge.  The high school Paul Claudel d’Hulst is slowly coming back to life and is defining its path while reconnecting with its past.  This is the reason why the architectural style of both the new building and the renovated one are inspired by the Hôtel Particulier’s architecture.

The different indoor spaces were built with the help of interior designer Cécile Derien and borrow the traditional Parisian living room wood paneling while drifting away from the usual practice.

The lines of the paneling along with the contrasting colors and nuances create a friendly and welcoming area.  In the teacher’s lounge facing the garden, the light hits soft shapes and the splaying’s mirror finish diffracts it to blur the edge between organic and mineral.