Category: 113 Housing Units
Location: Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
Client: Franco Suisse
Area: 7 120 m2
Status: 2013 Competition – Project not selected
Cost: 12 100 000 €


This project is located in the center of the Integrated Development Zone (ZAC) of the Lisière Pereire, a 19th century district redesigned by Jacques Ferrier Architecture.


To bring nature to the city.


Reconnecting with nature is a very present thematic in the 19th century’s architecture and is the basis for this project.  The building’s envelope echoes the nearby flora’s shapes.  The façades facing the forest are made with fiber-reinforced concrete poles, resembling tree branches carrying large balconies.  The goal is to integrate the natural landscape into the city, creating a symbiosis between nature and the city.  A large vegetated central public place called “The Glade” is created in order to make a comfortable and enjoyable green space for the future inhabitants.