Sainte Clotilde

Category: Kindergarten and Primary School
Location: Paris, France
Client: O.G.E.C Sainte Clotilde
Area: 195 m2
Status: Built in 2016
Cost: 263 000 €


This building was built in 1708 and became a school in 1883.  Since 2006, it has been subject to several renovation campaigns led by AHA, during school holidays.


To welcome the building in the 21st century while respecting its cultural and historical identity.


Throughout the different renovation campaigns, our priority has always been to preserve and highlight the building’s set of furniture.  Thus, we deeply focused our attention on the fireplaces, the woodwork and the 18th century espagnolettes.  However, we also modernized the building with innovative materials such as LEDs, solvent-free paint, and natural wood flooring.
A compliance study on heat and energy standards is being carried out.