Category: 178 Housing Units and Shops
Location: Taverny, France
Client: Vinci Immobilier
Area: 11 098 m2
Status: Project
Cost: 15 000 000 €


This set of buildings is located in the city of Taverny, a city in the Northern Parisian suburbs.  A lot is at stake since the neighborhood is starting to bloom.


This project was born from a collaborative work between the architects and the city representatives.  Not only is it creating housingg for the city of Taverny, it also opens up the neighborhood to create a new urban dynamic.


The buildings are built around a collective central garden in order to create a small “island” and allow traffic to flow on the roads bordering it.  A public vegetated sidewalk allowing people to stroll and relax is the final touch to this project.

Through this project, we have rewritten the traditional architectural arrangements (base, body and attic) in a more contemporaneous way.  The set of heights, roofs and alternating balconies and loggias create a façade rythm.  The materials used are plain and durable (zinc roofs, gray anthracite stone base, lasured concrete loggias) and highlight the arrangement of the buildings while granting them quality and sustainability.