Category: 178 Housing Units
Location: Thorigny-sur-Marne, France
Client: Kaufman & Broad – Axone Promotion
Area: 11 040 m2
Status: Built in 2016
Certifications: RT 2012 and HQE Profil A
Cost: 13 400 000 €



The project is located dowtown Thorigny-sur-Marne, a ity in the Eastern Parisian suburbs, in the vicinity of the city hall and the train station.  The project mixes social care apartments, residential apartments and shops.


To revitalize the center of the city and develop a new architectural image.


Given the strategic location of the project and its associated social mix, we have worked on the organization of the heart of the buildings as well as the organization of public space in and around the buildings.  The ground floor level, dedicated to shops, stands out with the use of black bricks to cover the base of the building.  In the upper levels, the change in the façade materials creates vertical series, thus providing a new architectural reading.  The principal angle of the project appears by balconies signing the project.




19.07.2015. Residentia lot, Thorigny-sur-Marne. Arch: AHA

Photo credit: Cyrus Cornut