Category: 49 Housing Units
Location: Triel-sur-Seine, France
Client: Groupe Arcade
Area: 3 128 m2
Status: Under Construction
Certifications: RT2012 and H&E Profil A
Cost: 4 200 000 €




The site is located in a suburban area at the gates of the city Triel-sur-Seine. The immediate environment is semi-rural, comprising of vacant land, single-family houses,  traditional buildings, and bordered by significant road infrastructure.


To vitalise the neighborhood, reinforcing its connection to the city while responding to a need for housing.


The farmhouse is a sustainable and protective building type that forms the basis for our reflection. We have reinterpreted this traditional rural typology through the lens of the contemporary demands of today. The project prioritises a purity of volumes and the restricted use of materials. The various buildings direct themselves towards the heart of the site thus reinforcing its preservation. The fragmentation of volumes creates an intimacy throughout the site and sets up a series of visual pauses to each entrance hall. In order to create dynamic living spaces, different types of dwellings have been designed: collective and semi-collective housing as well as single dwellings.