Triel Theatre

Category: 70 Housing Units
Location: Triel-sur-Seine
Client: Groupe Arcade
Area: 4949 m2
Status: 2017 Competition – Project not selected
Certifications: RT 2012 -10% et HQE Profil A



This project is located in the center of the city Triel-sur-Seine, in a strategic area which links the city with nature and the Seine.  A great height difference (12.25 meters) caracterizes the site and connects the Rue Paul Doumer, where the Place de la Poste is, to the Quai Auguste Roy.


Since the site is close to remarkable monuments and in such a central position, the stakes are high for Triel-sur-Seine.  For this project, public spaces have great importance and must be qualitative and sustainable.  The second aspect which requires much attention is the site’s relief: the 12-meter height difference requires a significant amount of additional reflection to determine the position of buildings.


To solve the height difference problem, a pth is built in the middle of the parcel, connecting the high end of the terrain to the Quai Auguste Roy.  This 10-meter wide opening is made of sidewalks and stairs.  This way, the 70 housing units divided in 6 distinct buildings settle along this new axis similar to adjacent alleys.  The goal is to create a new place to walk, meet and talk in the center of the parcel.

This concept, along with a play on building heights and an alternation between peaked and tilted roofs, creates a dynamic urban façade.  The buildings have a similar style to neighboring ones, allowing the project to fit into its environment smoothly.