Our projet’s construction site in Taverny, led by AHA’s construction director, is coming to an end, its delivery is due for this summer.

The project develops 179 housings and shops. Classic codes of the architectural composition are re written in a contemporary way. The set of hights, of roofings, or the alternating of balconies and loggias, participate to the creation of a rythm of the frontage. Chosen materials are simple and sustainable (roof made of zinc, underbody made of grey anthracite stones, loggias made of stained concrete), and underline this composition work, whilst providing quality and durability to the buildings.



Program : 179 housings and shops
City : Taverny (95)
Project management : Vinci Immobilier
Surface : 11 098 m2 SDP
Calendar : Chantier en cours
Certifications : RT2012 and H&E Profil A NF Habitat